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"I got a puppy and I work a ton

so I have no time to go to puppy classes.

I found Carrie and she comes to my house to train Roman (and me how to train him). She’s a dog whisperer. Her customized training is priceless. I wasn’t a big dog person as most of the dogs I came in contact with would jump on me and I hated it! She's able to keep him from jumping and be more obedient than I could have ever imagined! He’s only 9 months and behaves better than most dogs I know. Carrie is professional, reliable and good with people too. Contact her if you’re looking for someone to whip your dog into shape and want the customized, in home training that will make them so behaved! You won’t be sorry."

-Whitney S.

and Roman the mini-Bernedoodle

"Carrie is great!

She trained our overweight pup to walk on the treadmill for exercise.

Our dog was a little hesitant at first but Carrie did a great job making our dog feel comfortable and calm.

I highly recommend Carrie and

Good Dog Training!"

-Tom F.

and Daisy the Chihuahua

"Carrie helped my

very fearful dog gain a lot of confidence and learn to be more friendly! She’s patient and clear with both dogs and owners, and I can’t recommend

her enough."

-Ellen W.

and Winken the Pit mix

"I cannot say thank you to Carrie

and Good Dog Training enough for taking a

darling puppy and guiding her to be a

wonderfully mannered young lady that goes to coffee shops, stores and city walks!

We chose the Home School Training program to "fast track" for the holidays and could not be happier. Carrie understands, leads and trains (both pup and owner!) on how to truly enjoy the bond even more."

-Sheri M.

and Luna the Lab/Aussie mix

"So many dogs are given up

for adoption because of the misunderstanding between pet owners and their pets. I have a mission to significantly reduce this stat. Trained dogs are happier dogs. Trained dog owners are happier humans. 
Call Carrie. Today. Really. Now."

-Teri W.

and Karma the Bullmastiff

"Carrie is a great trainer. She helped us with our lovable but very energetic 15 month Golden Retriever, Cooper. Between being hyper and jumping on people when they walked in the door - to being quite the food thief stealing food anywhere there was food, we were getting quite frustrated. Carrie helped us teach him all the basics and he now has his own bed  where he goes to "place" while people are eating. You can actually sit right next to him and he will maintain his position. Amazing. She also taught him to "leave" it and we have stopped having to purchase baby pacifiers since that was his favorite snack when my daughter's baby would drop one. We are going to have her come back in the spring to do outside training and more socialization skills. Hope she has time since she is sure to build a good clientele list. Thanks, again, Carrie!"

-Donna S. and

Cooper the Golden Retriever

"It didn't take very long for my husband and I to realize that we could not train our 4 month old Bernedoodle on our own.  Carrie came to us highly recommended and with terrific experience.  We soon discovered that a large portion of the training was really meant for US, so we could reinforce all her hard work on a daily basis.  Carrie is very professional, kind, knows how to handle dogs of all ages, and our pup really loved her.  We utilized her consecutive day training [Home School] and saw results very quickly.  Would most definitely use Carrie for an occasional refresher!" 

-Marilyn F. and 


the mini Bernedoodle

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